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Animal Feed & Supplements

Whether you need high quality haylage or animal supplements, look no further than McCullagh’s Fuels & Feeds. We are here to serve livestock owners and farmers within a 20-mile radius of Eniskillen and across Northern Ireland.

A Leading Stockist of AW Ennis Feed

Quality Feed at Great Prices

AW Ennis feeds are known for excellence, we offer supplies to a range of livestock suppliers and poultry farm owners in the local area. We stock a variety of feeds for horses, birds, sheep and other farm animals. Feel free to discuss the types of feed you need for your animals and when you want them delivered. We’ll offer you a tailored service to suit your needs. Contact us today.

Sheep & Cattle Feeds

Sheep Feed

  • Ewe and lamb nut
  • Ewe and lamb mix
  • Lamb crunch and lamb fattening crunch
  • Lamb fattening nuts
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with us todayas we can source a variety of specialist products that aren’t listed on our website!

Cattle Feed

  • Dairy nuts
  • Beef nuts
  • Bull beef crunch
  • Calf crunch
  • Weanling crunch
  • Stock blends
  • Pedigree cattle range
  • Calf to bull creep

Horse Feed & Supplements

Horse Feed

  • Bluegrass horse feeds
  • Baileys horse feeds
  • Emerald green feeds
  • ALLEN & PAGE feeds
  • Keyflow, TopSpec and RED MILLS horse feeds
  • HAVENS, Stance and Equitec, Dengie horse feeds
  • Gelston, Mollichaff and Kehoe haylage
  • Marksway horsehage
  • DODSON & HORRELL products

Horse Supplements

  • Equine America
  • Global Herbs
  • Comfort Gut
  • KM Elite products
  • Lincoln Horse Treats
  • TRM Ireland

We Also Stock:

  • Electric fencing
  • Reed buckets
  • Feed scoops
  • Brooms
  • Brushes
  • Bedding forks
  • Hair nets
  • Head collars
  • Lead ropes

We stock pretty much anything related to animal feed and storage.

Poultry Feed

We stock a full range of feeds of chicks, growing birds and turkeys. You can buy small packets or order in bulk quantities. We also have general poultry equipment and supplements. Our prices are highly competitive, and we always deliver on time.

Pet Feed

As a pet owner, you’d like to ensure that your pet is fed only high-quality supplements and food. We can offer you a variety of options depending on the type and breed of your pet.

We also stock some pig feeds.

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